The Dress!

The Dress!

The part I love most about weddings, sitting with all the guests, the nervous hum of the crowd as they all wait for the bride to take her first steps down the aisle. The hush the falls over the room as we finally seeing that dress, the one she has dreamed of, that gave her that butterfly feeling the second she looked up and saw her reflection in the fitting room mirror.LittleFinchDesigns-10-(ZF-9202-14709-1-010)

I want to recreate that feeling, to capture and immortalize it forever. I want to create a painting of a wedding dress or suit that reflects the romanticism and the beginning of a modern day fairy tale. A painting that will always evoke those emotions and take my clients right back to the magical, Fairy Tale day.il_570xN.605268179_tfxo

So, I started Little Finch Designs. It began with Greeting Cards and small illustrations, then for fun, just to see if I would get any interest at all; I posted a watercolour of a wedding dress, and that’s how my Fairy Tale began, with a watercolour of a dress from a lovely young woman in Texas. You can have a look, though the image is my earliest and the photo is a little blurred, it always reminds me why I began to do this in the first place.

Your requests are not limited to wedding dresses. Have a special venue you want painted? Or a pairing of Dress and Tux? Tux and Tux? Mother of the bride dress? Please feel free to email me with any request — i will translate the most cherished memories into beautiful tangible keepsakes that you or your loved ones can enjoy.

How do you order your very own custom watercolour? Either visit my Etsy Shop here or email me with your request


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